Romantic Evenings & Family Feasts: Best Boynton Beach Restaurants on the Water

Best Restaurants for Waterfront Dining in South Florida

Romantic Evenings & Family Feasts: Best Boynton Beach Restaurants on the Water

Boynton Beach is not only known for its stunning coastal views but also for its fantastic dining options that cater to both romantic evenings and family feasts. Nestled along the water, these restaurants offer beautiful scenery, delicious food, and unique atmospheres that make every meal memorable. Whether you’re a local foodie, a family looking for a fun outing, or a couple seeking a romantic dinner, Boynton Beach has something for everyone. Here are five of the best Boynton Beach restaurants on the water.

Seaside Grill

Seaside Grill is a go-to spot for those who love fresh seafood and a laid-back atmosphere. As soon as you step in, you’ll be greeted by the ocean breeze and a casual, beachside ambiance that makes you feel instantly relaxed. The menu is filled with mouth-watering seafood dishes, with the fresh catch of the day being a star attraction. Families will appreciate the friendly service and the ability to dine with a view. Watching the sunset over the ocean while enjoying a delicious meal is truly a magical experience at Seaside Grill.

Two Georges at the Cove

If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience with a focus on steaks and seafood, Two Georges at the Cove is the place to be. This restaurant is perfect for couples wanting a romantic evening out. The ambiance is sophisticated yet inviting, with live music on weekends adding to the overall charm. As you dine, you’ll enjoy stunning views of the marina, making it a picturesque setting for any meal. The menu offers a variety of American cuisine, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, Two Georges at the Cove won’t disappoint.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat brings the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean to Boynton Beach. This family-friendly restaurant is known for its fun atmosphere and delicious tropical dishes. Kids will love the dedicated menu, and parents will appreciate the variety of Caribbean-inspired dishes and tropical cocktails. The outdoor dining area overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway, providing beautiful sunset views that make your dining experience even more special. With its lively ambiance and flavorful food, Banana Boat is a great spot for family feasts and fun nights out.

Prime Catch

For those seeking a fine dining experience, Prime Catch offers an elegant setting with a focus on fresh seafood and an extensive wine list. The restaurant’s intimate and sophisticated ambiance makes it an ideal choice for special occasions or date nights. Located right on the water, Prime Catch provides panoramic views that enhance the overall dining experience. The menu features a variety of seafood dishes, each prepared with the finest ingredients. Paired with the perfect wine, your meal at Prime Catch is sure to be a memorable one.

Two Drunken Goats

Two Drunken Goats is a unique dining spot that combines a relaxed setting with a diverse menu featuring a Latin twist. The restaurant offers everything from tapas and ceviche to more traditional dishes, ensuring a wide range of flavors to enjoy. The outdoor tiki bar and live music create a lively and fun atmosphere, perfect for all diners. Located directly on the beach, Two Drunken Goats offers a dining experience that’s hard to match. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a place to enjoy some live music, this spot has it all.


Boynton Beach is home to some of the best waterfront dining experiences you can find. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or a family feast, these restaurants offer something special for everyone. From fresh seafood and stunning views at Seaside Grill to the vibrant, family-friendly atmosphere of Banana Boat, each dining spot provides a unique experience that makes the most of Boynton Beach’s beautiful coastal setting.

So, next time you’re looking for a memorable meal by the water, consider these fantastic eateries. You won’t be disappointed by the delicious food, welcoming atmospheres, and breathtaking views each of these restaurants has to offer.

And remember, discovering the best Boynton Beach restaurants on the water is not just about the food; it’s about creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Happy dining!

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