Cheap Electric Motorcycle Reviews: Best Options for Remote Start and More

Cheap Electric Motorcycle Reviews: Best Options for Remote Start and More

Electric motorcycles have witnessed a surge in popularity over recent years. As more and more riders are making the shift from gas to electric, questions like Are electric motorcycles any good? and What is the cheapest electric motorcycle? are becoming increasingly common. Let’s dive deep into the world of budget-friendly electric motorcycles, considering not just remote start but also other features and comparisons.

Cheap-Electric-Motorcycle-1024x576 Cheap Electric Motorcycle Reviews: Best Options for Remote Start and More


Best Cheap Electric Motorcycle for Commuting

  1. EcoCycle StartRight

Price: $3,200


  • Remote Start with a range of up to 100 meters.
  • Maximum speed: 50 mph
  • Range: 80 miles per charge, making it an ideal electric motorcycle under $5,000 for daily commuting.

When it comes to the best electric motorcycle 2023 for commuting, the EcoCycle StartRight is a top contender, especially given its price. It’s perfect for those looking for an electric motorcycle for Adults Street legal. The remote start feature is seamless, and the bike offers a smooth ride.

Top Cheap Electric Motorcycles with Remote Start

Cheap-Electric-Motorcycle-Reviews Cheap Electric Motorcycle Reviews: Best Options for Remote Start and More

As the global shift towards more sustainable and efficient modes of transportation continues, electric motorcycles have become an increasingly popular choice for many riders. A particularly attractive feature for modern riders is the ability to remotely start their motorcycles. Here, we highlight some of the best cheap electric motorcycles that come with a remote start feature:

  1. EcoCycle StartRight

Price: $3,200

The EcoCycle StartRight offers a great blend of affordability and features. The remote start is reliable, and its range is commendable for daily commutes.


  • Remote Start with a range of up to 100 meters.
  • Maximum speed: 50 mph.
  • Range: 80 miles per charge.
  1. BoltOn Electra RS

Price: $2,900

his model is slightly cheaper than the EcoCycle but does not compromise on its features. Its smartphone integration for remote start is a noteworthy addition, making it convenient for tech-savvy riders.


  • Smartphone-enabled remote start.
  • Maximum speed: 55 mph.
  • Range: 75 miles per charge.
  1. SwiftRide Zephyr

Price: $3,500

The SwiftRide Zephyr might be a bit pricier than the others on this list, but its range and speed make up for the difference. The dual options for remote starting offer flexibility for the rider.


  • Dual remote start options: key fob and app.
  • Maximum speed: 60 mph.
  • Range: 90 miles per charge.
  1. NeoTech Pulse XR

Price: $3,000

NeoTech’s Pulse XR is a mid-range model that focuses on simplicity. The app-based remote start is user-friendly and efficient.


  • App-based remote start.
  • Maximum speed: 52 mph.
  • Range: 85 miles per charge.
  1. GreenRide Voyager

Price: $2,800

For those on a tighter budget, the GreenRide Voyager is an excellent option. While it has a slightly lesser range, it’s still ample for city commuting, and the remote start feature is seamless.


  • Key fob remote start.
  • Maximum speed: 50 mph.
  • Range: 70 miles per charge.

How to Buy a Cheap Electric Motorcycle Online

Online shopping for vehicles, including the electric motorcycle for sale, has become increasingly prevalent. To ensure you’re getting the best deal:

  • Research: Begin by checking reviews and testimonials. Brands like Zero Motorcycles and Honda (with its Honda EV-Cub) often receive favorable feedback.
  • Price Comparison: Once you’ve decided on a model, compare prices across platforms.
  • Test Drive: If possible, test the motorcycle before purchasing.

Cheap Electric Motorcycle vs. Gas Motorcycle Comparison

Electric motorcycles, like the e-bike and e-dirt bike, have several advantages over gas motorcycles. However, they also come with some drawbacks:

  • Advantages: Quieter operation, fewer emissions, and often cheaper long-term maintenance.
  • Disadvantages: Limited range compared to gas bikes, and longer refueling times.

A great example of a popular electric motorcycle is Harley-Davidson’s Livewire. On the other hand, traditional bikes from brands like Honda still retain a vast market share.

Cheap Electric Motorcycle Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Maintenance for electric motorcycles like the Zero Electric Motorcycle or the Livewire motorcycle is typically simpler than gas motorcycles. Here are some tips:

  • Battery Care: Regularly check your battery’s health.
  • Tire Checks: Just like any motorcycle or electric dirt bike, regularly inspect tires.
  • Brake Maintenance: Regular checks ensure safety.

Cheap Electric Motorcycle Pros and Cons


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective in the long run
  • Quieter than traditional bikes


  • Initial cost might be higher, depending on the electric motorcycle price.
  • Charging infrastructure can be limited.

People Also Ask:

  • Are Electric Motorcycles Any Good?

Models from brands like Zero Motorcycles or the Honda electric motorcycle are renowned for their performance and sustainability.

  • Do Electric Motorcycles Last?

With proper care, especially of the battery, electric motorcycles can have a long lifespan.

  • Are Chinese Electric Motorcycles Reliable?

Like any brand or country of origin, there are both reliable and less reliable options. Always check reviews before purchasing.

  • What Electric Motorcycle Has a 60-mile Range?

Many modern electric motorcycles, including the best electric bike 2023, offer ranges that exceed 60 miles. Always check the specifications before buying.

  • What is the Best Electric Motorcycle?

Brands like Zero Motorcycles and the Honda EV-Cub are often rated highly, but the “best” is subjective and based on individual needs.

  • What is the Cheapest Electric Motorcycle?

Prices vary based on features and brand. Look for options under the “electric motorcycle under $5,000” category for budget-friendly choices.


Making the shift to an electric motorcycle or even a street legal electric bike can be both a sustainable and economical choice. Whether you’re interested in the Honda EV-Cub, the best electric bike 2023, or the Harley-Davidson Livewire, there’s something for every rider out there. As always, conduct thorough research and consider your unique requirements before making a purchase.


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