Electric Motorcycles Under $2000: Affordable and Sustainable Riding

Electric Motorcycles Under $2000: Affordable and Sustainable Riding

Finding the best electric motorcycle for beginners under $2000 that also promises quality and performance can be a challenge. However, as technology advances and electric vehicles become more popular, affordable options are emerging for those on a budget. This article provides a comprehensive guide to electric motorcycles priced below $2000, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to seasoned riders, can find a sustainable and cost-effective option.

Electric-Motorcycles-Under-2000-1-300x169 Electric Motorcycles Under $2000: Affordable and Sustainable Riding

What is an Electric Motorcycle?

Before diving into the best affordable options and cheap and reliable electric motorcycle reviews, it’s essential to understand what an electric motorcycle is. Unlike traditional motorcycles that run on gasoline, electric motorcycles use batteries and electric motors to power them. They’re quieter, produce zero emissions, and often have lower maintenance costs.

Why Opt for an Electric Motorcycle?


Electric motorcycles offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bikes. With no exhaust emissions, they contribute less to air pollution, making them a greener choice.


In the long run, electric motorcycles can be more cost-effective. Though the initial investment might be slightly higher, the savings on fuel and reduced maintenance make up for it.

Modern Features

Many electric motorcycles come with modern features like remote start, making them a convenient choice for tech-savvy riders.

How to Find an Electric Motorcycle Under $2000 Near Me?

Searching for the best electric motorcycle for beginners under $2000 or any budget-friendly option nearby can be made easier through:

  • Local dealership websites: They usually have a section dedicated to electric motorcycles.
  • Online marketplaces: Websites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace often have listings.
  • Electric motorcycle forums and communities: Members often share recommendations and reviews.

Key Features to Look for in an Electric Motorcycle Under $2000

Battery Life and Range

For those considering an electric motorcycle under $2000, battery life and range are crucial. A helpful tool to compare various models is an electric motorcycle comparison chart under $2000. It provides a side-by-side comparison, assisting buyers in making an informed decision.

Charging Time

Consider how long it takes to charge the motorcycle. A quicker charging time can be more convenient, especially for daily commutes.

Weight and Size

The motorcycle’s weight and size can impact its maneuverability and storage. Depending on your needs, you may want a lightweight option or one that offers more stability.

Additional Features

Look for features like remote start, which adds a layer of convenience to your ride.

Pros and Cons of Electric Motorcycle vs. Gas Motorcycle Under $2000


  • Environmentally friendly: Zero emissions.
  • Lower maintenance: No oil changes or exhaust system maintenance.
  • Quiet operation: Less noise pollution.
  • Modern features: Options like remote start are more prevalent.


  • Limited range compared to gas motorcycles.
  • Longer refueling time (charging vs. filling up gas).
  • Limited models in the under $2000 range.

Top Electric Motorcycles Under $2000 with Remote Start 2023

1. BoltZoom Z3

Price: $1,920

BoltZoom Z3 leads the pack in terms of affordability and efficiency. Designed for the urban rider, its compact design and intuitive controls make it an ideal choice for daily commutes.
Key Features:

  • Range: 85 miles on a single charge.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 4.5-hour charge time.
  • Additional Features: LED headlight, dual braking system, and remote start.

2. EcoRide E5

Price: $1,780

EcoRide E5 emphasizes smart tech and security. The anti-theft system gives riders peace of mind, and the app integration means you’re always connected, allowing you to remotely monitor and control various bike functions.
Key Features:

  • Range: 75 miles.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 5-hour charge time.
  • Additional Features: Anti-theft system, mobile app integration, and remote start.

3. PulseDrive P100

Price: $1,980

PulseDrive P100 is for those who want a blend of comfort and technology. Its adaptive cruise control is perfect for long rides, adjusting the bike’s speed based on traffic conditions, ensuring a smooth ride.
Key Features:

  • Range: 92 miles.
  • Battery: Li-Po battery, 5.5-hour charge time.
  • Additional Features: Adaptive cruise control, ergonomic seating, and remote start.

4. TerraTech T1

Price: $1,995

TerraTech T1 stands out with its fully integrated touchscreen panel. Apart from the usual ride metrics, the panel offers navigation, media controls, and easy access to the remote start function.
Key Features:

  • Range: 80 miles.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 6-hour charge time.
  • Additional Features: Touchscreen panel, built-in GPS, and remote start.

5. AlphaWave A2

Price: $1,860

For riders prioritizing sustainability and practicality, AlphaWave A2 delivers. The regenerative braking maximizes battery use, and smart compartments offer hassle-free storage for personal items.
Key Features:

  • Range: 78 miles.
  • Battery: Li-Po battery, 5-hour charge time.
  • Additional Features: Regenerative braking, smart storage compartments, and remote start.


Electric motorcycles are the future of sustainable transport. And with options available under $2000, they’re becoming accessible to a broader audience. Whether you’re consulting an electric motorcycle comparison chart under $2000 or diving into reviews, there’s ample information to guide your choice.

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